How did you progress in the journey of singing?

journey of singing
journey of singing

How did you progress in the journey of singing?

How did your journey to X Factor start?

I was in Delhi performing in a show when I got a call from my friend asking me to go for X Factor auditions in Indore.My friend Ashok Gandharv (a member of Deewana Group) inspired me to try my luck. We both then participated in auditions and were rejected. Suddenly an idea rose in my mind to form a group as it was for the first time that group participation was invited. Then we started looking for singers who could be part of our group. We got 4 members from MP and that was the birth of “DEEWANA GROUP”.

How were the initial days of your struggle?

I was just mad about singing. I never missed a single opportunity that had come to my doorsteps. Sometimes for money and sometimes for nothing but I never left my passion for music. Whom do you call as the creator of today’s Shahnwaz Khan? With all my gratitude, I would love to give this credit along with my family to my two teachers, Ma’am Vinay Bhatnagar and Late. Wahid Khan Sahib. Together they all nourished my talent and made me what I am today.

What does music mean to you?

Music is my soul. Just like fragrance compliments a flower, energy compliments the sun, music compliments me. I cannot think of a single day without music. Singing is my passion and music is my life.

Journey of singing

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